“The best original swing show money can buy”!

The Legend of Swing show is the full on British Rat Pack Production that charts the incredible story of swing music from inception to The Rat Pack hey days when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davies stormed the world with fantastic music and humour. Uniquely The British Rat Pack show has a continuance bringing swing music into the twenty first century with the likes of Michael Bublé.

Paul Hayden, George Anthony and Joe Corrigan headline the awesome cast. The Party trio are currently rumoured to be the new Rat Pack with their own style of entertaining having between them performed for Royalty and many Celebrities in television and the music industry.

Their successful Legend of Swing show featured an amazing Big Band with musicians from the BBC orchestra and Westend theatres.

The Female Vocal cast included London Jazz star Val Kelly who regularly performs in Monaco and the Amorous Mim Grey who has just toured with Tom Jones.

The Vegas Show Girls in The Legend of Swing are often involved with productions including Strictly Come Dancing.

A favourite with the guys is special guest Ian Gomes of “The Ritz” who played privately for Frank Sinatra for eleven years as well as William and Catherine, Her Majesty The Queen, The Queen Mother and four American Presidents.

At any event The British Rat Pack have singing talent beyond the norm. They ooze quality and natural humour. Theirs is chemistry very similar to Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davies, Dean Martin of The Rat Pack though their style is uniquely their own.

To iterate The British Rat Pack are the best original swing show money can buy!

The British Rat Pack always surpass expectations.