The Great British Rat Pack. Superb Party Entertainment The Rat Pack to Michael Bublé from The Legend of Swing theatre show. Brilliant corporate entertainers for special events.

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The British Rat Pack also highlight the best swing vocalists and musicians in the United Kingdom, wowing audiences with their original “Rat Pack” Vegas party entertainment.

These Guys are far more than any tribute to “The Rat Pack”  and Fact is! they’re often called the “New Rat Pack”.

The British Rat Pack, Legend of Swing Guys, really do know how to Party. Available as a brilliant self-contained trio or with Musicians and Big Band. Ideal for Corporate Events, Military Functions, Television, Weddings and Special Events.

Paul-Hayden Entertainer, Director and Producer of The British Rat Pack production “Legend of Swing” show hosts a fabulous cast with George Anthony, Joe Corrigan, Val Kelly and Mim Grey on vocals. Special Guest: Ian Gomes, pianist at “The Ritz”. “The Legend of Swing” Big Band and Emma-Jane with The Vegas Show Girls!

The British Rat Pack and Legend of Swing shows pay homage to the memories of Robert Johnson, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Nina Simone, Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davies Jr of The Rat Pack! The Shows also pay respect to Michael Bublé, Rod Stewart, Jamie Cullen, Robbie Williams.
Most importantly “Thanks to all who keep swing music alive”!

The Great British Rat Packs Paul Hayden is the founder and a principal singer of both the “British Rat Pack” and the huge “Legend of Swing” theatre show. He is one of the finest soulful swing vocalists in the United Kingdom.

Like Nat King Cole Paul entered the world of music with a passion as a guitarist and instrumentalist. It was while working in and around live and studio music sessions that he was asked to take on the lead vocal. His influences are swing, soul, blues, rock and classical, from Frank, Dean and Sammi, The Rat Pack, Mozart to Hendrix, Sinatra to Bocelli.

Pauls warm unique vocal tone is his own though his voice is often complimentarily compared with those golden voices of Nat King Cole and Ray Charles. He has worked with many name artists and has a wealth of professional TV. Stage and Music experience.

A Born Entertainer, Pauls lively stage presence fills the house with an uplifting warmth, charm and party chaos if necessary. He is a true showman, a blessed performer with a voice of velvet and depth.

In The British Rat Pack and Legend of Swing Paul absolutely shines. His smooth and cheeky roll is only surpassed by his stunning voice. Pauls delivers quality with a sparkle in his eyes and a very warm leading stage presence.

Paul has provided first class swing entertainment for many five star venues on behalf of corporate hospitality organisers and party planners. He was the resident performer in Le Classic at the Emirates Club for three months in Dubai while having performed all over Europe and the United Kingdom.

Four generations of Pauls family have had great success walking the boards in the West End all of which contributed vastly to the professional hands-on education Paul received from childbirth.

Paul-Hayden is a true entertainer and performer both musically, vocally and on the stage. He has pure natural talent.

Show Producer Paul Hayden has performed with and for, Frank Carson, Cannon & Ball, Joe Longthone to name but a few. Paul was a blues guitarist and studio musical production assistant who worked on live and varied sessions that included Paul Young long before he became famous, Paul has also worked in stage production building sets for Eric Clapton, Iron Maiden and chatted in person with Kylie Minogue, Aswad and Ian Dury… In Dubai Paul turned down royalty and a $seven digit sum to remain as the resident Entertainer at the 5 star “Le Classic” restaurant. Paul returned to the UK whereas a successful soloist his vision was to create the “British Rat Pack” and “Legend of Swing” Shows. He was blown away and amazed when Ian Gomes of “The Ritz” agreed to perform live for the first time on the big stage with a big band while introducing the fabulous vocal cast in The Legend of Swing show.

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The Great British Rat Packs George Anthony is a principle singer of The British Rat Pack and Legend of Swing show. He is an International artist of sheer class who knows how to get the party swinging. George is also one of the most exciting swing vocalists in the United Kingdom.

George has been greatly influenced since childhood by those soulful voices spanning eras of Swing, Frank Sinatra, Deano, Dean Martin, Sammy Davies Jnr of the Rat Pack. Bobby Darin to the Drifters, Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross and Barry White. He is a natural performer of outstanding vocal proportion and stage presence.

His Proudest musical moments include singing as a star performer on Stars In Their Eyes as well as working with The Legend of Swing Theatre Show.

Georges role in The British Rat Pack is that of pure mischief. Paul thinks he would have kept the real Sinatra and the Rat Pack on their toes.

George is second to none having performed first class swing entertainment around the globe for many prestige and name clients. He has worked the stage with professionals throughout his career.

When George Anthony is in the room no one is excluded! Within no time at all, the house is rocking and the party is swinging. His stage presence is unique and unsurpassable.

The Great British Rat Packs Joe Corrigan is a principle singer in “The Legend of Swing”. He is an excellent vocalist and widely regarded as one of the finest Swing Singers and song stylists performing today. He has made many television appearances and performed at some of the worlds most prestigious venues.

Joe possesses the rare quality of personalising and creating something quite magical. He has the ability to stylistically interpret any song that is reminiscent of the golden era of swing and make it his own.

Joe was brought up listening to a very wide range of music that included; Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack, Matt Monro and so on. These have been huge influences throughout Joeys life since childhood. This is reflected in his bright electric yet modest personality and love of swing music.

Personifying the very cool and stylish, Joe Corrigan has professionalism, vocal warmth and impeccable timing…

Joe captivates his audience with his amazing voice and great sense of humour. He has a warm effortless stage manner with an unmistakeable quality in his performance.

“Joe Corrigan is a five star entertainer and some”.

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The Great British Rat Packs Ian Gomes has performed for countless celebrities, the Queen, The Queen mother, Three American Presidents, the Legendary Frank Sinatra in private for eleven years and is the resident pianist at The Ritz.

Visit Ian’s website at http://www.iangomes.com

Ian is the son of a very celebrated concert violinist and conductor. His love for music was inherent as a child and developed with the piano playing the highest standard as if with a voice or many voices. Ian’s style is his own.

Ian Gomes has been and is the resident pianist at “The Ritz” in London for the past seventeen years, playing in both The Palm Court and The Ritz Restaurant. His music flows from “Stardust” to “Autumn Leaves” filled with incredibly lush arpeggio arrangements.

Ian plays past and current melodies from around the planet. His repertoire includes “Dining at The Ritz”. (Which comes very highly recommended!).

Ian played for the real Frank Sinatra of The Rat Pack for a period of eleven years. He entertained Mr Sinatra and his many Hollywood friends in private. He was “Frank Sinatra’s personal pianist”.

“This was a golden era”, exclaimed Ian.”I enjoyed many moments with Frank Sinatra on his own and with guests. Mr Sinatra would sometimes sing with me”.

Though I has performed with the British Rat Pack the Legend of Swing show brought the amazing Ian Gomes to The Stage with an orchestra for the 1st time. His amazing music career continues overflowed into other dimensions. ” I have thoroughly enjoyed playing to the masses alongside these fabulous entertainers”.

“Ian Gomes is an Entertainers Entertainer”.

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Ian is employed by The Ritz in London.

Though employed by The Ritz, Ian on occasion performs with the British Rat Pack and also with the Legend of Swing as our very special guest.

More information view on Ian Gomes on the Legend of Swing link and  on his website above.

“The British Rat Pack”, “Legend of Swing” are “Paul Hayden” productions),

Contact Tel: 01438 833222

Email: 1@britishratpack.com